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Edmonton Based SEO, Website Design and Content Marketing Services to Help Grow Your Business.

Re-Invigorate Your Business with Monster Digital Marketing

A good looking website alone does not win the day. We realize it takes a lot more than eye candy to grow your revenues. 

Through Content Marketing, SEO and Usability, we can reanimate that old website of yours and breathe new life into your business.  

Mark Phillips Monster Workshop Edmonton SEO Specialist
Mark Phillips - Founder and SEO Specialist
Nick Line - WordPress and Design Consultant

A website needs to be more than an online business card.

I've been building websites for a lot of different businesses and markets since 2000.

In my early days I believed a good looking website was truly the way to win the day.

Nothing else mattered but how good the website looked. The better looking the website, the more sales it would generate.

Over the years and hundreds of projects, somewhere along the way I stopped thinking like a web designer and started thinking like a business owner instead.

A website should be created, marketed and thought of as an employee for your company - your best employee that works tirelessly to sell it's ass off to grow your business while you sleep.

10 years of running the web design and marketing department at my old job taught me these invaluable lessons right from the trenches.

Monster Workshop serves the goals of the client's business, not the web designer's ego.

Hire Monster Workshop for your next project - and experience a vastly different perspective and results.