How to Install Google Tag Manager on a WordPress Website

Google Tag Manager WordPress

In this tutorial, I’m going to cover how to install Google Tag Manager on a WordPress website. What is Google Tag Manager and Why Should I Install It on My WordPress website? Google Tag Manager was created to streamline the following tasks: Adding various tracking scripts to a website (Google Analytics, re-marketing/retargeting pixels for Google … Read more

How to Remove Internal WordPress Traffic from Google Analytics

How to remove internal WordPress traffic from Google Analytics

How to remove internal WordPress traffic from Google Analytics When running an SEO Campaign, it’s important to have clean data as that’s what is used to guide your decisions. Be default, Google Analytics tracks all traffic to your website., including your internal hits. You need to filter out your internal traffic to get accurate traffic … Read more

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

I’m often asked; “What is Digital Marketing?” by my peers. Digital marketing is in essence, radically different than marketing we’ve been exposed to for the majority of our lives and is a radical shift in mindset and strategy. What Digital Marketing Is Not Digital marketing is not interruption based advertising. Interruption based advertising is old … Read more

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Force Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone It’s easy to get comfortable where things are easy and stress free. Sometimes it’s even easier wallowing in worry and misery then taking action into the unknown. Your safe place is your sanctuary where nothing from the scary outside world can touch you. Well, your safe place is … Read more

MailChimp Tutorial, Getting Started with Email Marketing

MailChimp Email Marketing Setup Tutorial

A MailChimp tutorial to grow your business To begin this MailChimp Tutorial, I want to start by hammering on about how important an email list and email marketing campaign is to your business. Here are some of the reasons why MailChimp and email marketing in general are so effective: You’ve got a captive audience, everyone … Read more