Edmonton SEO Services

Our SEO services get more eyes on the products and services you offer.

Our Edmonton SEO services get your products and services in front of your customers.

Having a great product or service is only half the battle. Without proper search engine optimization in Canada, you'll be invisible online.

Did you know that 70% of all transactions online begin with a Google search?

That's a huge piece of the marketing pie that you must be apart of to be successful online.

With all of the online marketing options available, it can be difficult deciding what to do first.

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  • Do you go with Google Adwords and pay-per-click to get traffic to your site right away?
  • Do you go with a SEO specialist in Edmonton to boost your online presence and build growth long-term?
  • There are tons of different paths to take and pieces of technology available to market your business online.

The sheer amount of options available are overwhelming.

You don’t have time to keep up with all of the trends and new tech online, you’ve got a business to run.

Get the online partner you need with our Edmonton SEO services.

We are uniquely qualified to help you grow your business on the web.

That is where we specialize. Monster Digital is a full service digital marketing agency. We are able to create custom marketing strategies, unique to your business.

As we specialize in providing all types of SEO services across Canada, we will meet with you online via zoom or Google Meet and implement an entire SEO strategy.

This will ensure you’re getting the largest ROI from your digital marketing budget.

Our Edmonton SEO services focus on sustained growth, transparency and accountability.

  • You'll get meetings and calls from us every month.
  • You'll always know what we are working on and where your SEO campaign is heading.
  • You’ll always be aware of where your company sits in the search engine results pages.

Heck, we love SEO so much we even wrote a massive SEO guide that helps businesses just like yours get results from their website.

We Specialize in SEO

Our SEO Services Include

Website Audits

What technical on-site issues are holding you back?

Competitor Analysis

what are your competitors doing that you aren't?

Keyword Research

which keywords should you go after and focus on?

Website Architecture Reviews

is your website built for SEO?

Online Reputation Management

are you collecting and responding to reviews online?

Backlink Building

how many websites link back to yours?

Google My Business Optimization

do you show up for local searches in your area?

Content Planning and Creation

what is your strategy for creating awareness?

Local SEO Citation Building

are you showing up for local keyword searches?

SEO Generates a Massive Return on Investment

70% of all transactions begin at the search engine.

If you're not on the first page of Google, you're missing out on 70% of traffic to your site. Our Edmonton SEO services will grow your visibility online.

Print and interruption based advertising doesn't work today.

When was the last time you actually responded to a television, radio or print ad? Interruption based advertising stops you from what you are doing and annoys.

Permission based marketing is how business gets done online.

Providing value, informing your customers and being transparent in your business is what works today.

Your customers educate themselves and do their own research.

Searchers pop in and out of websites looking for answers. You want to show up for your audience.

Your company needs to show up for every type of search online.

Branded Searcher Intent

  • Searches for your company name.
  • Bottom of funnel intent.
  • High converting valuable searches.
  • Searchers ready to buy.


Branded Searcher Intent
Branded Searcher Intent
Transactional Searcher Intent
Transactional Searcher Intent

Transactional Searcher Intent

  • Sales related searches for products and service you sell.
  • Bottom of funnel intent.
  • High conversion keywords.

Navigational Searcher Intent

  • Searches for services in your local area.
  • Middle of funnel intent.
  • Buyers checking out the market.
  • Checking out your competitors.
Navigational Searcher Intent
Navigational Searcher Intent
Educational Searcher Intent
Educational Searcher Intent

Educational Searcher Intent

  • Questions related to products and services you provide.
  • Top of funnel intent.
  • Searchers seeking answers to questions and problems.
  • Great lead capture opportunities.

Our Edmonton Based SEO Services

Our SEO packages consist of different levels based on your individual business needs, current search engine visibility and industry competition levels.

Each client we onboard is recommended an SEO package based on all of these factors so you're guaranteed to get the correct level of service for your business.

Our SEO services are available on a month-to-month basis and require no contracts. We retain our clients with excellent service and results and do not need to lock anyone into a contract to stay.

You'll receive monthly consultation calls and reports from us so you'll always know where your SEO campaign is at and what's improving.

We schedule all of our calls in advance, so they always occur at the same time and date each month, ensuring everyone is available. Our project manager will also send you access to our project management software and help desk. With a full suite of customer service tools available to all of our SEO clients, help is always just a click of a button, email or phone call away.

In an industry full of snake oil salesmen who over promise and under deliver - we pride ourselves on being accountable, reliable, honest and trust-worthy.

Grow Your Business Online with SEO.