WordPress Maintenance and Support Plans

Your Website Doesn't Get Sick Days

Your website plays an integral role in your business, whether you're running SEO campaigns, PPC campaigns or driving leads, it needs to stay online and available. It generates leads, customers and revenue for your business. It's the main base of your operation and is the one place where customers, suppliers, partners, and new hires will engage with you.

There Is No Fortress of Solitude

If you're online, you are susceptible to attacks. There is no piece of software that is an impenetrable fortress. Software has bugs and holes and needs to be patched constantly to ensure these security holes are closed. Your website must be updated on a constant basis to ensure it's receiving all of it's shots and is resistant to fighting off all of those nasty bugs ready to infect it.

Like any piece of software it needs constant updates and attention to stay healthy and online.

Do It Yourself?

Keeping your website updated, backed up and secure can get a little hairy. Updates can fail, systems can crash and backups can get corrupted. It also takes time and experience. Running updates and fixes on your website takes you out of your business and away from building relationships.

The internet changes daily and it's impossible to keep on top of your business and every current change in technology.

Generic Support Isn't Enough

Unless you're on a high end web hosting package, your web host won't take care of backing up and securing your website. They have thousands of customers they host and work with daily and simply cannot afford to spend the time or attention necessary to keep your site alive for your monthly hosting costs. Your web host doesn't specialize in the software running your website.

Our Support

If you're reading this, it's because we have either built your website or have worked on it. We know the software it uses and are specialized in our field to support it. This website is built on the very same software yours is, and we are in the best position to provide the support for your website.

Like Hendrix, We're Experienced

For a decade we've been creating and maintaining websites for small businesses. We've tested out all the tools and processes and streamlined it down into the best service offerings available.  If we sucked at this, we wouldn't still be working in this space, right?

We Are Busy

It's true. In today's world everything runs online and good web developers are flat out building, tinkering and maintaining all of the billion+ websites out there right now!

We Need To Know More!

We can only offer our complete website support packages to clients who understand how important and valuable their website is to their business.

Therefore we have made our complete website support plans available by application only.

We offer a massive and very personal level of support to our clients and thus are able to support only a handful of clients.

Please review the plans below and fill out the application form to get in touch with us.

(Yes, we named the plans after loot drop rarity in video games, nerdy I know.)


All sessions are conducted via Skype or Google Hangouts.

*Small tasks include any task that takes us 15 mins or less to complete. Typically this would be things like adding in some text content, images, navigation items, a testimonial section etc. These do not cover advanced features like implementing ecommerce functionality, new layouts and/or page designs or sales funnels etc.

If you need more extensive work done outside of the scope of small tasks, we would be happy to provide a quote for that.

Content Strategy Sessions cover phasing in large projects like ecommerce functionality, sales funnels, membership areas etc.

All of our plans are on a no contract basis and you are free to cancel any time. All plans are offered on a monthly subscription basis and do need to be paid for a month in advance.

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