What Is SEO?

How It Works

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

This is the process of optimizing your website's pages to rank higher on search engines.

We are an Edmonton SEO company and specialize in getting more eyeballs and leads to our customers through their websites by using SEO.

70% of all transactions begin at the search engine. In order to grow your business online, you need to be found for searches related to what you provide.

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How Does SEO Grow My Business?

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What is SEO?
The reason why SEO is so popular is because of how powerful SEO is for affordable, scalable business growth.
SEO levels the playing field. A small mom and pop shop can rank higher than large corporations with well-done SEO.
SEO can place your business on the first page of Google for your products and services.
Imagine how much your life would change if you never had to worry about getting new customers or sales ever again?
That’s why SEO is so incredible in our world that’s run by the internet.
Showing up on the first page of Google in the top three results for searches related to your products and services is a game changer.
With approximately 70% of business transactions starting at the search engine showing up online is the key to success.
Not showing up online is almost guaranteed failure for your business.
Ten years ago search engine optimization was a marketing technique and a part of a marketing toolkit.
It worked with other forms of advertising like print, radio, television and business networking groups.
Today it's mandatory to have an active, available and discoverable business online if you are to succeed and grow.

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How Google Works

Google ranks the most relevant and authoritative results to the searcher.
They want to keep people on Google and serve the best results possible. The longer people spend on Google, the more ads they sell to business owners.
With Google being the largest search engine in the western world, we must play by Google’s rules and do what they like to rank our content and sites.
You develop your brick and mortar business by building up local awareness, reputation and goodwill in your community.
The same things are done online.
Google uses a ton of different ranking factors to decide which pages get placed at the top of their search results.
A massive part of search engine optimization (SEO) is ensuring that a website excels at these ranking factors.
The more “Google friendly” your website is, the more customer friendly, authoritative and relevant it will also be.
Google are always updating their search algorithms to deliver more relevant results to searchers.
They also do frequent updates to combat spammy, black-hat SEO tactics.
Do you remember when you used to search for something online and get results that were unrelated to your search?
You would search for “home improvement tips” and would be met with a bunch of pages advertising viagra!
This is due to old black-hat SEO methods that people used to trick Google into ranking their sites higher in the results pages.
By cramming keywords into a page, they could trick Google into thinking it was the most relevant page online for that keyword.
The pages that repeated the keywords the most usually rose to the top. These pages were always spammy crap that didn’t deliver any value or help to the searchers.
Google needed to find a way to remove these listings and techniques from their results.
In 2003 Google rolled out an update called Florida that eliminated keyword stuffing as a ranking signal.
Keyword spam was now a useless technique so the results cleaned up.
Now Google is always updating their systems to ensure they are delivering the best results for each search.
Updates always come, they are always vague and they usually impact sites in some way all across the web.
Because of the frequency and ambiguity of these updates, you cannot rely on “strategies and tactics” in hopes of gaming the system.
Create helpful, relevant and trustworthy content for your audience and you will do fine on Google.
Before we dive into SEO we need to build your marketing fortress. Without a strong foundation, nothing can be built.

A Strong Foundation is Necessary for SEO

Before you proceed with an SEO campaign on your website, it's important that you've got a solid foundation to work from first.

Our Getting Started with WordPress Guide will get you up and running with a solid website.

The guide will cover off these three important areas:

  • A Domain
  • Website Hosting
  • A Website Content Management System (CMS)

Based on my experience, there is only one CMS that fits this bill and excels at all these things.

WordPress ­ the CMS that runs 25% of the web.

It’s the one CMS to rule them all.

Plus, it’s free to download!

Grab your copy of WordPress, we’ve got a step-­by-­step guide to walk you through getting up and running.

Now you’re up and running with WordPress, it’s time to make your website, even more, Google friendly.

Get Your Free "What is SEO" Guide

All the content from this SEO guide in one place for easy reading. Get your free guide.

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